Breaking news! It was my absolute pleasure to be interviewed on the @STCPodcast (Screw The Commute) airing this Thursday the 5th November with @TomAntion.

This podcast is all about helping entrepreneurs get out of the car and into the money $$$!!! As your resident Sxpert I am talking about how having a great sex life can amplify your money making experience, and about the delicious business of profiting through connections and intimacy!

On my podcast, I give some tips and advice from my Sxpert entrepreneurial journey and how juicing up business makes you even more successful.

I tell Tom how much I love to coach people who want Great Sx in a Loving Relationship.

I share the story about being the first speaker invited to present that sxpert topic at the Million Dollar Round Table Convention in Indianapolis, USA!

Here’s the “Screw The Commute” Podcast Show Notes for Dr Jan’s Episode 356

03:46 Tom’s introduction to Dr. Janet Hall
08:03 How she prepared for her line of work
11:36 Writing a book on Goal Setting
16:15 “I’ve got a headache”
20:23 Guys getting intimidated by women
24:19 Watch and Wank (and Weed)
25:22 Making a business and getting screwed in business
31:59 Sponsor message
34:48 A typical day for Dr. Janet and how she stays motivated

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