Ella here.

First let me ask you a question… What turns you on???

Personally I have 2 things that turn me on more than anything else on the planet – Business and Energy!

Let me define these a little more:

Business is living from the “head” or masculine energy – it’s linear, the strategy, the clear action plan, the ‘lets get shit done in real time and create epic results’ – owning ones personal power.

Energy is living from the “heart” or feminine energy- BE-ing in flow – creation energy, allowing, manifesting like a mother with grace and ease and embodiment in your pleasure.

This image of the brain and the functions of the right and left hemisphere sum it up perfectly!

I have spent my own life dedicated to the practice of integrating holistically these two opposing yet super complimentary schools of thought and energies; in life, love and business – and from first hand experience and after working with thousands of others – what I can tell you is… the Abundance that flows to us when these worlds combine is unlimited!

Intention meets Flow – Head meets Heart – Pleasure meets Power!

I live to empower other busy people of the world with tools and skills to claim their own mastery in these areas – and so, I was chosen to share my insights and experience with one of the worlds most ‘busy’ and successful public speakers and Internet marketers, Tom Antion! (@TomAntion)

He hosts the Screw The Commute Podcast (@STCPodcast) and my interview with him has just gone live!

This podcast is all about helping entrepreneurs get out of the car and into the money $$$!!!

I am speaking to Tom and sharing on the topic of doing what you love and loving what you do!
We discuss how Tantra can radically transform your relationship to your self, your business, your energy, your success, your ability to live Empowered and in your Pleasure and allow for both your inner and outer life to flourish in unlimited Abundance – from the Bedroom, to the Boardroom and Beyond!

I also offer all listeners a very special offer to come on the journey with me to explore the world of Tantra more deeply for yourself!
You can listen directly here: https://screwthecommute.com/357
Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 357

03:24 Tom’s introduction to Ella Hall
08:15 Making a business out of her career
11:40 The Universe is squeezing people like tubes of toothpaste
13:35 Tantra is not just about sex
17:18 How to teach and give people what they need
18:27 “Mastering” tantra and how to get unstuck in your head
23:20 Improving your life not just in business
25:52 Going from one “side” to the other to balance
32:20 Sponsor message
35:15 A typical day for Ella and how she stays motivated
39:14 Working on this by yourself or with a partner

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