So, Dr Jan and I both had the joy and privilege of speaking to Beanstalk’s Single Mums founder Lucy Good, all about ORG@SMS!

Lucy is a forward thinker, mother and leader of all things modern-day single mum related!

She has a podcast series designed to support and empower single mums from all walks of life and on every stage of their single mother journey.

What better way to enrich and enhance the journey of motherhood than with some JUICY empowered conversations around self-pleasure and accessing our birthright as women to embody our O-O-O-Yaaassssssss Org@smic selves!!!!

Listen to the podcast now.

She introduced us like this…

“No longer a taboo topic, talking about sx is perfectly normal and allows us to improve on our sxual experiences, whether partnered or alone.
In this podcast we get straight to the heart (or should I say the g-spot) of the matter and discuss how to have the best org@sms of your life.

Mother and daughter sxperts, Dr Janet Hall and Ella Hall from Women’s Power Pleasure come to us complete with 60 years of experience to guide and educate.

Get the advice you need for mind-blowing org@sms and a wonderfully fulfilled sx life right here.

In this podcast we chat about:

Why it’s so important to have lots of wonderful org@sms.

What a “full body org@smic state” is and how to achieve it.
Some sneaky snippets and tips from Dr Jan and Ella’s Claim Your Pleasure Power eCourse.
How to handle low esteem in the bedroom.
Hot tips to fine tune solo sx or self pleasure.

Listen to the podcast now.

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As always we are open to feedback directly and to hearing about how this podcast serves you!

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