EPIC NEW SPACE and personal share

What an epic start to the NY21.

Big shifts on both the macro and micro.

My personal NY’s journey started with a personal and painful, yet healing, ‘letting go’.

And… That ending has required me to go deep.
To go inwards and do some deep soul searching and inner work.
To come back to my core foundations and values.

From this place I allow myself to take stock of where I have been.
Come wholly and fully into my present – and from this space of forgiveness and gratitude – choose now, where I deeply desire to go from here?!

In all honesty, this ending also gave me a much needed ‘kick up the butt’ to get back into full alignment with my truth and allow for the momentum of my own personal, powerful creation energy as a ‘manifesting powerhouse’ to return in force.

Therefore, in true Ella style, once I hit the ‘GO’ button on my creating my ideal manifesto, within 1 week I had manifested a beautiful new space in East Melbourne:
An epic work space and creation centre.


I am all IN and SETTLED!!!
What a journey…

Now… I would be honoured to hold space for YOU!

IMPORTANT Please note: Due to a shift in direction both personally and professionally I am limiting the amount of 1:1 clients I see this year.
Therefore if you are keen to work with me in 2021 may I suggest getting in touch sooner rather than later to secure your space and time.

I will be focussed more so on creating/ running group experiences and online session spaces in 2021 and I will predominantly be working with and focusing on one area of deep passion and calling, working with women – Feminine Empowerment and Pleasure Power.

“My purpose is to heal and fall in love with myself, so that I can teach other amazing women how to heal and fall in love with themselves!”

That said my doors are always open to the right men working with me always 🙂

I look forward to connecting with you and being of service.

More to come shortly…