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Design & Create your Ideal Life!

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A unique offering for the divine Feminine…

A full Day Immersion JANUARY 15th 2017

An further introduction and deepening facilitated by Pam Ella Hall ~ Tantra Ella

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Where Life Coaching – meets Tantric principals – meets Business strategy – meets Spiritual practice – meets unified EMBODIMENT!

Goddess In-Body is a chance to get to know you… the real, raw, authentic you.

To strip back all the layers, the masks, the hats we wear as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, lovers, wives, everything we are to everyone else.

To let go of the ‘human skin’…

To choose to let go of all that no longer serves you and to simply remember, realigned and re-empower with your true essence self; your yin and your yang energies, the masculine and feminine polarities that reside within each and every one of us.

This full day Immersion will be an introduction to stir a remembering deep within…

It will activate your heart, your mind and your body and ignite your inner fire.

It will be a catalyst to remind and align you to your authentic truth, Power, Passion and Purpose and awaken the Goddess within you that is yours and yours alone…

You will get to know, understand and embody your true unique Goddess power and In-Body her in every area of your life.

Embracing your own unique flavor… Your own unique offering.

We will explore the concept of radical life transformation on speed

We will shift our understanding of what currently is, to embrace a new paradigm of what is true and possible.

We will gain clarity, get real, raw and begin to reflect on every area of your life and identify any internal power struggles that are happening, weather it be conscious or unconscious, between your masculine and feminine energies.

These internal ‘battles’ will ultimately affect our external world in a negative way. Reflecting in every area of our life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. But always they will be there the loudest when we find ourselves alone in the stillness…

No distraction… Just us…

Knowledge is power and Clarity is power amplified!

Once we gain insight and become aware of the patterns, conditioning and behaviors that are limiting us and holding us back, the old paradigm that is no longer working.

Then and only then can we set about bringing into our lives a new paradigm available to us once both our feminine and masculine energies come online!

Being aligned in this way will support us to claim all the gifts and release all that no longer serves us, to come into harmony and find more balance as we begin to manifest our ideal reality!

What you will receive:

  • A full download of what Goddess In-Body is and how to embark on this journey and experience
  • An energetic upgrade of raising your frequency and vibration
  • A clearer understanding of remembering, realigning and re-empowering you with your divine masculine and feminine energies
  • Who are you as Goddess In-Body?
  • Tantric elements and principals
  • Embodied practices and tools to slow down, connect in and to come out of your head and into your body
  • Unlock the 8 x core principals that will make you a master to manifest with intention
  • The power of desire mapping
  • The 4-Golden Keys of Goddess-In-Body – How to thrive as a Goddess living in the world but not of the world

Who is Goddess In-Body for?

Goddess In-Body is designed for the modern day women on a mission…

It is channeled for the women who deeply know to their core that they are here for an integral life PURPOSE… And they have BIG things to do! They are already on purpose but they want to take that mission to the next level feeling grounded, balanced, calm, centred, aligned, passionate, juicy, magnetic, sensual, alive, embodied and in flow!

They are searching for a fast and organic way to clear the blocks to re-connect inwards.

To remember how to realign with that innate being-ness, and then re-empower with that each moment of everyday to take their lives into the next phase of their own evolution!

It is for EVERY WOMAN on the road of Self mastery. Self love. Self – IS – ness!

Who is ready, willing and able to step up to the plate… Give herself full permission… and put herself first!

For the woman who wants to take her level of self-mastery, brilliance and embodied ownership of creating her ideal life and reality to the next level.

It would ideally be perfect:

  • For women who are stuck in their masculine. Who can’t switch off, are stuck in ‘go’! High flyers. The over achievers, the perfectionists, the ‘yes’ girls, the people pleasers, the controllers, the directors, the Yang type women.
  • For women who are stuck in their feminine… All Yin. These women are creatives and inspired thinkers but find they are stuck in all flow and no drive, momentum or fallow through. They can be considered ‘spacey’, unreliable and unable to get clear on direction with purpose or what they want changes constantly… They can be stuck in ‘Princess syndrome’ and need the balance of their masculine energy to step up into their Queen.
  • For women who already have a good balance of both energies but are ready to unlock their core gifts, desires, passion and purpose and design and create a road map to embark on the next phase of their journey more inspired, alive, awake and aware… full power!

This full day workshop is an offering… It will introduce and take you deeper into exploring the key concepts and elements that are the foundations within the Goddess-In-Body Program and Experience!

Define what Goddess means for you – Claim your right to BE her, Do her, Live her, Love her and radically transform the way you see yourself, others and the world around you…

Watch as your external reality shifts as you come into full alignment to your deepest truth and knowing … You’re highest and your best.

STEP into the powerful creator you are!

BE radically bold, beautiful and brilliant!

LOVE fiercely and graciously and come home to all the love you innately are!

Fall in love with and MARRY yourself!

DESIGN and CREATE your ideal… in every facet of your life!

AWAKEN your orgasmic nature and learn how to channel you’re sacred sexuality, your life-force energy in a positive and productive way to light up your life.

BECOME a co-creator in your relationships and call in or meet your beloved at 100% full – yourself first!

ALLOW space for softness, forgiveness, and surrender and learn the true power of vulnerability.

Goddess In-Body is where concept meets reality. Where Woo-Woo meets the Matrix. Where feminine and masculine polarities are married in unconditional love, harmony and begin to co-create together a sacred union of divine Self.


Claim your Ticket to the Goddess In-Body Full Day Immersion here

This is your time to step up!

Honor self first!

To come out of your head and into your body!

To come home to whom you intrinsically are:

Goddess In-Mind. Goddess In-Body. Goddess In-Spirit.

The time is NOW…

I can’t wait to journey with you Goddess.

Here’s to your journey…


Pam Ella Hall. (Tantra Ella)


“Pam Ella Hall is a truly amazing & inspirational woman. She has a remarkable ability to create & hold a sacred space free of judgment & full of permission to step up & claim our feminine sovereignty. Pam Ella is intuitive, playful & her passion for her work & life is contagious. When I signed up to work with Pam I had no real idea of what I was signing up for. I just knew I wanted some of her strength, passion & zest for life. After just 5 weeks with Pam I feel so much more deeply connected to my deepest self. If you’re looking to transform your life I cannot recommend Pam more highly.”


“Working with Pam Ella was a privilege. To be in her presence and have her sharing here immense gifts is nothing short of transforming. This is one powerful woman! She opened my eyes and while gently holding my soul. If you feel the calling to work with Pam I can’t recommend that you answer that calling enough. She is the real deal and will change your life.”


“I don’t even think that I could even begin to explain in words how incredibly special this woman is and the programs she offers to the collective

I have been to every workshop, course pretty much known to man in the last 10 years. I was literally a personal development junkie extraordinaire!!

Yet, I guess I had become quite jaded over the years and was going to workshops to fix parts of me, not actually confront them and step into my own intrinsic knowledge and power. I was always waiting for others to come and support me and found that this is how I validated myself in my life. Going to Pam’s course in my anxious mind was just ‘another’ one of those courses.

Her course shattered and rocked me to the core and blew away all of my expectations!!!

Not only did I feel like I had come home to my self in such a different way of love, yet I felt enlivened and awake in my body. I also started to feel like I finally knew what it was that was blocking me truly stepping out and leaping into all of the parts of life I was so scared shitless of.

She has a beautiful natural way of being able to remind me of parts of myself that I have numbed away or blocked. To be able to uncover these parts with a level of clarity and intentions that caused me to want to work on myself on a level I did not even think possible.

So just a bit of back story to create a context.

At the age of 16, I was told by a psychologist that I would never truly get rid of my eating disorder and bulimia. Well before Pam’s Remember Realign and Re Empower course, I was up all night with such intense bulimia and came into the course completely defeatist, tired, depleted and in such a state of shame. I really just wanted to run away and go and numb myself down because its just all too hard.

Yet, I have always been someone who goes on my word when I commit to something and went with my tail between my legs and trying to think of a great escape plan at the lunch break.

At the beginning of the course Pam told her story with a level of unabashed raw cathartic vulnerability and an openness that I had never seen before in a facilitator.

This showed me a woman who is still a human and speaks from a place of deep wisdom and intuition. She came from a place of humility and ferocious love. I truly had no choice but to stay and honour this brave woman who was willing to create a program to give women the chance to remember their true love for life and what truly makes their spirits shake and just how powerful they are.

I have not had bulimia come back in the last 9 months. And I can truly say that I have chosen to step into my own wisdom and mastery and I can tell you now, bulimia is not a part of this life and never will be. I have had a full paradigm shift and re programmed neural pathways to break any sabotaging patterns. Its incredible when you are given a framework that works in your life and also have the support on a level that makes you feel fully safe, loved and celebrated, this is where the healing and the magic happens.

Like I said before, this testimonial cannot even begin to give the level of gratitude to Pam and her incredible offerings for the world. What a gift, if you are sitting on the fence about this course.

Do it, it and trust yourself. This course and program will rewrite your whole life on a level you cannot even imagine!!!”



~ WHAT ~

Goddess In-Body Taster and Experience


Second Story Studios, Collingwood


Sunday January 15th

From 9am to 7pm


Goddess In- Early $300

Goddess In Full $350

Claim your Ticket to the Goddess In-Body Full Day Immersion here