Ella Hall


From the Bedroom.
To the Boardroom.
& Beyond.

I support busy professionals and curious explorer’s of the world to transform their lives and up level in life, love and business.

By getting pristine clarity, breaking through any limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back and helping you learn ways of getting into ALIGNMENT fast – you become a manifesting Powerhouse!!!
You are here to be of great service to the world.
To share your light.
To be F&%$N Brilliant!

I invite you to now come on the journey and start learning how to access your own inner guidance system adding tools to your tool kit for life so you too can claim your personal mastery to live the extraordinary life that is your birthright!
From the Bedroom. To the Boardroom. And Beyond!

Success Stories

Natalie Purcell, Owner & Director @ Byron Bay Detox
Ian Jacobs: 3 times World Champion Kickboxer


“You know what the most amazing thing is about what you do is Ella…
That when I’m in that space of  – I’ve never felt like this before – I’m in total overwhelm, darkness, anxiety, depression – this is really full on, just intense! And in those moments you say to yourself… “I don’t feel like there’s any way out of this”.
And then you come in and do your thing.
It’s like that feeling before, that overwhelming ‘thing’ never existed.
I’m trying to think back to what space I was even in before you did the clearing. And I can’t even find it?! Which is amazing!!!
It’s so good it’s almost scary, because it makes me feel like I shouldn’t forget what it was. But it’s gone… and it’s A-MAZE-ING!!!
Once the clearing is done you are a completely different person.
It’s this amazing thing.
It is MAGIC!
Ella, YOU are f&%king MAGIC!”

“Ella… Thank you so so so much… I finally feel like myself again! I felt like I was spinning and couldn’t stop… now I feel like me. My baby is much happier too.
We had such a better more settled night… I haven’t checked mainstream media today… I just feel different.
I’ve made some very empowered decisions around my work situation too – I’m aware of all the opportunities. I’ve totally taken back my power!
I feel much calmer today.  Thank you, I’m so grateful for your support x”

“Where to start with Ella? A world-class talent; her insight and intuitive expertise are unparalleled. I came to the session seeking clarity and alignment regarding the passion and purpose of my small business. She gently guided me through the process and has opened my mind to new opportunities and experiences. My offering now feels fully congruent to my vision and values. The impact in the days following has been astonishing – brand new interactions and openings have arisen, with a meaningful change in my own thought process and barriers. The results were almost instantly effective and I will be forever grateful for her gift.”

“A huge THANK YOU! I am so full of gratitude for your work with me during our session in January.  Even after four weeks, my life is almost completely different now to what it was two months ago!  It’s only the start of the school year, but I’m enjoying my role at school so much more now. I have a renewed sense of purpose and my intention has been and will remain to enjoy what I do and how I’m doing it too! My relationships with my friends and family have improved and most importantly I’ve reconnected with a potential partner whom I met in July 2016. And I’ve had more fun and exciting dates in the last three weeks than I’ve had in the last three years. Thank you so much for helping me get back to my sovereignty!!  It’s been so powerful. Gratitude.”

Ella Hall

Leading Transformation Success Coach
& Pleasure Power Expert

How’s your life?

Are you feeling blocked?
In your own way?
Lost your ‘mojo’???

Is your health suffering?
Or maybe your relationship – to yourself, or your partner?
How’s the intimacy???

Is your life feeling like hard work?
Do you keep attracting the same toxic people and experiences over and over again?
Are you generally feeling out of whack, out of balance and alignment?
Do you need to access some major clarity on or around a particular issue/ situation /theme?

Keep reading if you are ready to FAST TRACK your results and try something completely different that’s guaranteed to take your mind, body, energy and emotions into alignment FAST!

Look, I’m sure you’ve heard this before… “Everything you need is already within you!”

And, I’m sure at some point in time you have responded with…

“Yeah, so if thats true WTF can’t I access it?!?!?! – What’s wrong with me???”

Simple answer… There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you… it’s just RESISTANCE.

In short, there will be a part of you (or parts of you) not in ‘agreement’ or alignment – that means they are not ready or able to receive your own inner knowing or guidance… yet.

So how do we overcome this???


When all parts of you get on the same page and are in agreement (with a resounding “YES YES YES”) there is less resistance!

Less resistance means you can finally start to access your INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM to begin taking courageous ACTION steps in your every day life, that will ultimately take you towards what you DO want and stop sabotaging your success!

Let me give you an example of what the ‘parts’ look like out of alignment…

ULTIMATE DESIRE = “I want to call in a big love, I’m ready to meet the one!”

MIND says – “Yes, thats exactly what I want! I want a big love! … At least, I think thats what I want – but let me begin to pull up all the old stories and memories of every time it hasn’t worked… hmmm let’s see, and theres that time when your boyfriend cheated on you, and the time where you put yourself out there and got rejected… I’ve got loads of these examples and I’m going to keep pulling them out of my filing systems for you to overanalyse and process and run you subconsciously”…

BODY says – “I’m with you MIND! It’s scary putting myself out there so let me sabotage myself by eating all the food – getting sick – running myself down – I have to keep you safe! Love is scary!!!”

EMOTIONS say: “DANGER DANGER DANGER – I am over excited, over stimulated – I am in lack and wanting what I perceive I can not have – do not deserve – I am destined to be alone! I’m an emotional basket case – who would really ever want to be with me?!”

ENERGY / SPIRIT says: “You are totally deserving and worthy and nothing that is yours will ever be denied you – what you want wants you back – but you got to get these other parts singing in harmony sister!!!”

Can you relate?

Now imagine you speak your desire: “I want a BIG love!”
And all of your parts now are a full bodied “YES YES YES YESSSSSSSS!!!”
Little to no resistance!

How do think your life would change?
How do you think you would show up differently?
What actions do you think you would take on a daily bases with grace and ease excited to be getting ready to call in that big love?
How would you feel?

And this goes for EVERYTHING we desire!!!

Whatever the ‘MORE’ you want:

  • More Money – you want it??? You got to get into alignment with the energy of abundance! Attracting, receiving and allowing it!
  • More Pleasure – You got to get into alignment that you deserve and are worthy to experience and allow pleasure!
  • More Health – You need all systems communicating and in agreement that health is your natural god-given state of ‘being’. You ARE health and have access to a self healing ability that get’s blocked, thats all!!!

The list goes on and on…

So… Are you ready to come and “TAKE THE HAND BREAK OFF THE FERRARI THAT IS YOUR LIFE!” and step into new levels of your mastery on speed???!!!

This is the art of manifesting – pure alignment to what it is you deeply desire and all parts of you in agreement you deserve it and have access to it ALL!!!

Hi beauty, if you’ve read this far you are ready for what it is I am offering…

My name is Ella and I support busy professionals and curious explorers who are ready to up-level into greater spheres of personal and professional mastery in life, love and business.

I am a leading CLARITY. BREAKTHROUGH & EMPOWERMENT Coach and Pleasure Power Expert.
Director at STM (Sacred Touch Melbourne) Health & Wellness – ‘the home of Sacred Touch’.
Creator of The Platinum Woman – Know Your Value. Live Your Worth.
Creator of the Flower of Life™ (A Revolutionary Roadmap for Success).

I work with those who are ready to make some big shifts happen in NOW time and bridge the gap between head and heart.
I help people learn to claim the power of their pleasure to help them achieve maximum results and ultimate peak performance to optimise their own unique human potential, in JOY!

I’m a Coach with over 20 years life lived experience; a writer, speaker, facilitator and guide and gifted intuitive (so just the right amount of woo woo – but also come with the factual practicals to keep us grounded and smashing it in the real world).

My philosophy and offering is holistic; working with what I call ‘all 4 bodies’ simultaneously. These bodies are as previously mentioned: Physical. Mental. Emotional and Energetic/ Spirit.

“You take you into every area of your life: from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.
When one area of life is suffering, the whole will suffer. Therefore we must approach the whole to facilitate fast and lasting change”.

Feel free to read my story here and, if you’re not quite ready to jump into working with me, you might prefer to book a 15 min Breakthrough Session to meet me and dip your toe in the water – BOOK HERE

I guarantee, once you experience the shifts that can happen in as little as 15mins… wherever you choose to go from there, either continuing to deepen the work wth me, or somewhere else… you will feel amazing to continue on the journey to build and grow!

I look forward to supporting you on your empowerment journey,



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