I had this on my mirror at home for years and would repeat it each and everyday.

It was a constant reminder that I am ALWAYS allowed!



I’m also allowed to get it wrong and still I am allowed to Choose to Choose Again!

NOW… I give myself full PERMISSION and do so on a daily basis and practice this consistently!

I am the MASTER of my reality.
I am the CREATOR!

I live from a place of unshakable INTEGRITY, compassion, composure, gratitude, faith and love in all I do.
And from that place… I can give myself FULL PERMISSION to Shine!
To BE, DO and HAVE everything it is that my heart truly desires.

I am reminding you now with love

You always have


As someone who teaches my own medicine and embodies everything I do, I am so passionate about empowering others, those who are ready to give themselves full permission to be real, get pristine clarity and access their all their innate gifts, so that they too may channel these into every area of their lives.

I use bodywork and Tantra as a tool, amongst other things (please see all my offerings under Life Coaching) to allow and assist you to access these inner gifts with ease and grace and remove whatever is blocking you. I do this holistically working with the cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, thus accessing both states of our being: the conscious and subconscious.

Nine times out of ten it will be the subconscious patterning and emotional conditioning that is running us, unaware to our conscious mind, that is the one thing that once addressed, will make all the difference to weather we can easily say “I am Allowed” or not.

If you are reading this and can recognise in you where you may have been waiting for someone else to tell you that you have permission to leave that toxic person, place or thing you know no longer serves you…

If you can relate to having been waiting for someone else to give you the go-ahead or tell you that it is ‘OK’ or the ‘perfect time’ to go after what it is you truly desire… That you can start practicing your healthy boundaries,  claiming your empowered “YES” or unashamed “NO”, change that thing you know would change your life, take back your power, stop believing you are your ‘Story’, shrinking, being small, dimming your light or playing a mediocre game …

If you are ready to Get Brave, start being Great, Loving yourself Hard while making the greatest IMPACT on your own life and the world around you!

The time is NOW!

One life… They call it the Present because it is a GIFT. Make it count…

The Brave Souls who choose to work with me, and put the work in, are guaranteed to take home fast and lasting internal change, ever greater levels of self permission, self mastery and self love across the board: mind, body and spirit.

So beautiful human, powerful reader… go now and shine so bright you take up ALL the space and radiate, illuminate and vibrate until it wakes up the rest of the world to the brightness that we ALL are!

When you shine it gives others PERMISSION to do the same.

Fill in the blank with the 3 precious words…

 –    —    ——- !

Here’s to your journey.



Ella 🔮


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