Introducing The Platinum Woman Movement – Know Your Value. Live Your Worth.


The Platinum Woman community is a premium space for busy heart-centred women of influence who are ready to claim the power of pleasure and bridge the gap between head and heart.

We are all here to learn, grow, share and teach our unique wisdoms and masteries as we LIVE this BECOMING!

We relax in the knowing we have a safe space to show up authentically as we level up in Life, Love and Business.


In the Platinum community, we embody the values of Networking, Education, Inspiration and Empowerment as tools for growth and transformation.

This is a place to come home to you. To remember who YOU ARE as a sovereign being and come together with a Tribe of like-minded and powerful women.

We are women who know that living a soul-aligned, passionate, powerful and abundant life from the Bedroom, to the Boardroom and Beyond is our birthright, not a luxury!

Here we learn tools to come into harmony with all parts of us.

Directing our minds as we reconnect to our hearts wisdom and feminine power taking inspired action to both manifest and create with intention and in flow.

We show up now, each one of us taking radical responsibility, practicing and embodying a reclamation of SELF first as necessary for our own and the planets survival – SELF-IS not Selfish!

Through sharing this work we know this is the way WE leave OUR legacy – as it is through the women who LIVE this message we have the greatest impact on our children, the next custodians of this planet.

And- “When Sleeping women Wake Mountains Move” (Old Chinese Proverb).

The Mountains are our beloved Men!


We are a community so inspired and empowered by the Platinum Woman ethos: to Know your Value and Live Your Worth: as being a catalyst for planetary change that it has become OUR collective mission and vision to share this work and message with over a million women worldwide.

We do so knowing we are part of something bigger than us – the micro impacting the macro – one great heartbeat, Tribe and Sisterhood!

We are women inspiring women.

Permission granting permission.

Leading to a cultural shift that empowers EVERYBODY to rise – in their Pleasure.

In their Power.

Abundant, Healthy and Free!


May we know her.

May we raise her.

May we celebrate her.

May we BE her.

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