Lindsay K, Engineer

The Sovereignty Alignment session was quite transformative for me. Your extraordinary ability to put your finger on my key blockages/issues, your gentle guidance in how to change how I think about those issues and empowering me to embrace my past with love and change the choices that form my “now” lifted an enormous weight that I have been carrying for years. Your total integrity and unconditional love and regard allowed me to see how my rejection of myself had led me into a bleak wilderness that I could actually choose to leave. While I had previously come across the ideas you talked about – we create our own reality, the only reality we have is now, and it is created by the choices we make – I had only ever thought about them “in my head” and never wholeheartedly embraced them in my heart. That shifting of my vision has been a priceless gift and I deeply thank you for it. The effect it has had on my relationship with my partner has been immediate and profound. Thank you.