Ruby J, Counsellor & Relationship Coach

Ella has a beautiful natural way of being able to remind me of parts of myself that I have numbed away or blocked. To be able to uncover these parts with a level of clarity and intention that has caused me to want to work on myself to a level I did not even think possible.
Ella teaches from a place of raw cathartic vulnerability and an openness that I had never seen before in a facilitator.
Since working with her I have had a full paradigm shift and re programmed neural pathways to break any sabotaging patterns: healed a lifelong eating disorder, left my soul destroying job to follow my hearts true calling and doing it all empowered, Fuck! It’s incredible when you are given a framework that works in your life and have the support on a level that makes you feel fully safe, loved and celebrated, this is where the healing and the magic happens. This testimonial cannot even begin to give the level of gratitude to Ella and her incredible offerings for the world. What a gift! If you are sitting on the fence about working with her… Do it, and trust yourself. This course and program will rewrite your whole life on a level you cannot even imagine!!!