Work with me

How’s your life?




Are you feeling blocked?


In your own way?

Lost your ‘mojo’???


Is your health suffering?

Or maybe your relationship – to yourself, or your partner?

How’s the intimacy???

Is your life feeling like hard work?

Do you keep attracting the same toxic people and experiences over and over again?

Are you generally feeling out of whack, out of balance and alignment?

Do you need to access some major clarity on or around a particular issue/ situation /theme?

Keep reading if you are ready to FAST TRACK your results and try something completely different that’s GUARANTEED to take your mind, body, energy and emotions into alignment FAST!

Look, I’m sure you’ve heard this before… “Everything you need is already within you!”


And, I’m sure at some point in time you have responded with…

“Yeah, so if that’s true WTF and WHY can’t I access it?!?!?! – What’s wrong with me???”


Simple answer… There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you… it’s just RESISTANCE.


In short, there will be a part of you (or parts of you) not in ‘agreement’ or alignment – that means they are not ready or able to receive your own inner knowing or guidance… yet.


So how do we overcome this???




When all parts of you get on the same page and are in agreement (with a resounding “YES YES YES”) there is less resistance!

Less resistance means you can finally start to access your INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM to begin taking courageous ACTION steps in your everyday life, that will ultimately take you towards what you DO want and stop sabotaging your success!

Let me give you an example of what the ‘parts’ look like out of alignment…


ULTIMATE DESIRE = “I want to call in a big love, I’m ready to meet the one!”

MIND says – “Yes, that’s exactly what I want! I want a big love! … At least, I think that’s what I want – BUT… let me begin to pull up all the old stories and memories of every time it hasn’t worked… hmmm let’s see, and there’s that time when your boyfriend cheated on you, and the time where you put yourself out there and got rejected… I’ve got loads of these examples and I’m going to keep pulling them out of my filing systems for you to overanalyse and process and run you subconsciously”…

BODY says – “I’m with you MIND! It’s scary putting myself out there so let me sabotage myself by eating all the food – getting sick – running myself down – I have to keep you safe! Love is scary!!!”

EMOTIONS say: “DANGER DANGER DANGER – I am over excited, over stimulated – I am in lack and wanting what I perceive I cannot have – do not deserve – No, I am in overwhelm and destined to be alone! I’m an emotional basket case – who would really ever want to be with me?!”

ENERGY / SPIRIT says: “You are totally deserving and worthy just as you are and nothing that is yours will ever be denied you – what you want wants you back – but you got to get these other parts singing in harmony baby!!!”

Can you relate?


Now imagine you speak your desire: “I want a BIG love, I’m ready to meet the one!”
And all of your parts now are a full bodied “YES YES YES YESSSSSSSS!!!”
Little to no resistance!


Q – How do think your life would change?
Q – How do you think you would show up differently?
Q – What actions do you think you would take on a daily bases with grace and ease excited to be getting ready to call in that big love?
Q – How would you feel?

And this goes for EVERYTHING we desire!!!

Whatever the ‘MORE’ you want…
  • More Money – you want it??? You got to get into alignment with the energy of money and abundance! Attracting, receiving and allowing it!
  • More Pleasure – You got to get into alignment that you deserve and are worthy to experience and allow pleasure – it’s your birthright!
  • More Health – You need all systems communicating and in agreement that health is your natural God-given state of ‘being’!
    You need to come back to your ability to access optimal health and have access to your self-healing ability that gets blocked when you are not in alignment, that’s all!!!

The list goes on and on…

But don’t take my word for it… better yet…


Ask yourself now…

Q – What do you want/ desire that you don’t feel you currently have access to in your life?

ie- Health, Freedom, Abundance, Peace, Intimacy, Love, Clarity, Empowerment?

Check in with yourself… Hold what you want in your mind and begin to notice…

Q- What does your mind say about that image/ want or desire? What thoughts come up? Memories? Images? Words or beliefs?

Q- How does your physical body react when you hold that image in your mind? Tight chest or tummy. Sweaty palms. Numbness or over stimulation.

Q- How do you FEEL when you think about it? What emotions are triggered?

Q- Do you feel you are already connected to it energetically? Or do you feel it is still very very far away?

What did you notice???

Don’t judge anything as right or wrong good or bad, this is an exercise in awareness! We can not change what we don’t acknowledge. This mini process will give you a great gauge as to where you might need a little tweak to get one, more or ALL of your bodies into alignment and a full YES!!!


So… Are you ready NOW to come and “TAKE THE HAND BREAK OFF THE FERRARI THAT IS YOUR LIFE!” and step into new levels of your self mastery on speed???!!!

This is the art of manifesting = pure alignment to what it is you deeply desire and all parts of you in agreement you deserve it and have access to it ALL!!!


Hello beauty, if you’ve read this far you are ready for what it is I am offering…

My name is Ella and I support busy professionals and curious explorers who are ready to up-level into greater spheres of personal and professional mastery in life, love and business.

I am a leading CLARITY. BREAKTHROUGH & EMPOWERMENT Coach and Pleasure Power Expert.
Director at STM (Sacred Touch Melbourne) Health & Wellness – ‘the home of Sacred Touch’.
Creator of The Platinum Woman – Know Your Value. Live Your Worth.
Creator of the Flower of Life™ (A Revolutionary Roadmap for Success).


I work with those who are ready to make some big shit happen in NOW time and bridge the gap between head and heart.
Let us together explore claiming the power of our pleasure to help us achieve maximum results and ultimate peak performance to optimise our own unique human potential, in JOY.


I’m a gifted intuitive (so just the right amount of woo woo – but also come with the ‘factual practicals’ to keep us grounded and getting real results in the real world in real time).
I’m also a universal apprentice, curious explorer, qualified life coach, writer, speaker, facilitator and sacred sexuality guide.

My philosophy and offering is holistic; working with what I call ‘all 4 bodies’ simultaneously. These bodies are as previously mentioned: Physical. Mental. Emotional and Energetic/ Spirit.


“You take you into every area of your life: from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.
When one area of life is suffering, the whole will suffer. Therefore we must approach the whole to facilitate fast and lasting change”.


Feel free to read my story here and, if you’re not quite ready to jump into working with me yet, you might prefer to book a 15 min Breakthrough Session to meet me and dip your toe in the water – BOOK HERE

I guarantee, once you experience the shifts that can happen in as little as 15mins… wherever you choose to go from there, either continuing to deepen the work with me, or somewhere else… you will feel amazing to continue on the journey to build and grow!

I look forward to supporting you on your empowerment journey,


What someone shared about their 15min Breakthrough experience:

“You know what the most amazing thing is about what you do is Ella…
That when I’m in that space of  – I’ve never felt like this before – I’m in total overwhelm, darkness, anxiety, depression – this is really full on, just intense! And in those moments you say to yourself… “I don’t feel like there’s any way out of this”.
And then you come in and do your thing.
It’s like that feeling before, that overwhelming ‘thing’ never existed.
I’m trying to think back to what space I was even in before you did the clearing. And I can’t even find it?! Which is amazing!!!
It’s so good it’s almost scary, because it makes me feel like I shouldn’t forget what it was.
But it’s gone… and it’s A-MAZE-ING!!!
Once the clearing is done you are a completely different person.
It’s this amazing thing.
It’s is MAGIC!
Ella, YOU are f&%king MAGIC!”


Go deeper with CLARITY BREAKTHROUGH SESSION (‘The Hour of Power’) – 60mins $315

This session is fast and targeted as we can work through multiple facets of an issue and go much deeper and tidy up anything else hanging around that’s out of alignment. Epic shifts happen when we get clear, breakthrough and align to what we DO want instead of focussing on what we DON’T want!

Magic can happen in these sessions as all parts of you are educated, inspired and become solutions-focussed and action oriented as they are bought into alignment mind, body, energy, emotion!


Know you need this – Ready for an EPIC realignment? Jump right in!

Sovereignty Alignment – Foundational Session – 90mins $375

Sometimes we have to go back to the very beginning to lay a truly solid foundation.
We can’t build anything worthwhile on rubble. This deeply activating session will allow for a clean space and solid foundations to begin to build and create from so you can call in, and RECEIVE, all that you desire.

This truly is the start of the journey back to your whole SELF as we begin the ‘heavy lifting’ and letting go of any cords of attachment or connection to other people, places and things: giving you back your sovereign self: ‘yourself, yourself and no one but yourself!’

Here you are introduced to the key concepts and tools we will be using throughout your healing journey working with Quantum level healing to align the ‘4 bodies’: mental, physical, emotional and energetic.

You will also leave this session with a Clear Action Plan (in writing) so you can continue to work on things and know with certainty: what are the next most obvious steps to take from where you are now to align to where you want to go!

Most often the response I get from my clients after this session is this is the most clear, peaceful, hopeful and liberated they have ever felt.

Almost like they get to take a deep breath… for the very first time.

NB – All pricing is inclusive of GST and you can claim sessions on tax as ‘professional development’ if applicable to you.

What others have shared about their experiences working with me:

“Ella constantly takes me to places where the light has not shown for many lifetimes. She seems to see where I could allow more of myself to grow, with gentle nudges she prompts me to look at things that I haven’t looked at for a long time or dare to look at either because I was ashamed or felt that I was unworthy. Personal growth is never easy, but I love it, because it’s the most rewarding out of anything that I’ve ever done. Ella is, no word of a lie, special, a seer, a medium, a personal coach, an empath who I  genuinely feel that she will take every opportunity to equip me with the tools to empower myself so that I can work through it and own my stuff. The biggest critic is yourself, once I’ve started working with Ella and owning my stuff, acknowledge her gifts and using her tools I started liking the person that I saw in the mirror.

I mentioned personal coach because it’s very important to shine light on this aspect of Ella, she is not a book learnt giver, but a life lived member. She has been in the valleys and she has been on the peeks, it’s not easy to find someone who has embodied courage, done the work and talks the walk. I write this for your amazing fully empowered life, my brother’s, my sister’s, live long in love, in happiness, and prosperity.”


“If you want to find the empowering people and places that exist inside you I encourage you to seek out Ella as your guide.  She can be your catalyst to conquering the things you didn’t even know were limiting your life.  In just an hour Ella had me connecting and reconnecting with parts of me that either never knew existed or I had lost contact with altogether.  Thank you Ella.”

David Fagan – Business Mogul

“Where to start with Ella? A world-class talent; her insight and intuitive expertise are unparalleled. I came to the session seeking clarity and alignment regarding the passion and purpose of my small business. She gently guided me through the process and has opened my mind to new opportunities and experiences. My offering now feels fully congruent to my vision and values. The impact in the days following has been astonishing – brand new interactions and openings have arisen, with a meaningful change in my own thought process and barriers. The results were almost instantly effective and I will be forever grateful for her gift.”

M. J

“A huge THANK YOU! I am so full of gratitude for your work with me during our session in January.  Even after four weeks, my life is almost completely different now to what it was two months ago!  It’s only the start of the school year, but I’m enjoying my role at school so much more now. I have a renewed sense of purpose and my intention has been and will remain to enjoy what I do and how I’m doing it too! My relationships with my friends and family have improved and most importantly I’ve reconnected with a potential partner whom I met in July 2016. And I’ve had more fun and exciting dates in the last three weeks than I’ve had in the last three years. Thank you so much for helping me get back to my sovereignty!!  It’s been so powerful.  With gratitude”